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Azerbaijan vs The World 2009

Posted by Stefan on May 9, 2009

Azerbaijan lost the rapid match against the World team with 10.5-21.5. Radjabov scored 1-1 against all his opponents (Anand, Kramnik, Shirov and Karjakin) but the Azerbaijani team was clearly beaten on all the other boards.


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Amber 2009

Posted by Stefan on March 25, 2009

Amber isn’t one of the events where Radjabov tends to do well, and also this year he scored below his rating and ended up 11th of 12 participants, 0.5 behind Ivanchuk. His only 2-0 came against Karjakin, but he also won against Carlsen in blindfold, stopping the Norwegian from sharing first with Aronian in the total (and from being sole winner in the blindfold section). Radjabov did best in blindfold, where he scored 5/11. Radjabov played 1-1 against Topalov, Leko and Morozevich, while his only 0-2 was inflicted by Anand.

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Linares 2009

Posted by Stefan on March 7, 2009

As in Corus Radjabov finished even with Aronian, but -1 was below expectations even if he scored a nice win in Radjabov-Aronian. Position before 21. Bxh6:


As Aronian Radjabov made the mistake of trying to blitz Grischuk from a promising position when the latter was in bad time trouble, and it ended up with Grischuk winning both games and eventually also the title on tiebreak. For the first time in six years Radjabov lost against Anand, but still has a decent career score of +2 -2 =9 against the World Champion.


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Corus 2009

Posted by Stefan on February 1, 2009

For the third year in a row Radjabov reached a good result in Wijk aan Zee. After the shared win in 2007 he has been 0.5 from first place in 2008 and 2009. He won a messy King’s Indian against Ivanchuk when the latter failed to find 38. Rg3 that would have saved the draw and instead played 38. Rxc7 (Ivanchuk-Radjabov):



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