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King’s Indians 2009

Posted by Stefan on December 25, 2009

19.01.09, Ivanchuk-Radjabov, 2779, Wijk aan Zee 09 (rd 3), 0-1
22.01.09, van Wely-Radjabov, 2625, Wijk aan Zee 09 (rd 5), 1-0
30.01.09, Wang Yue-Radjabov, 2739, Wijk aan Zee 09 (rd 11), 0-1
21.02.09, Aronian-Radjabov, 2750, Linares 09 (rd 3), ½-½
25.02.09, Wang Yue-Radjabov, 2739, Linares 09 (rd 6), ½-½
02.03.09, Grischuk-Radjabov, 2733, Linares 09 (rd 11), ½-½
20.06.09, Gelfand-Radjabov, 2733, Bazna 09 (rd 6), ½-½
28.09.09, Wang Yue-Radjabov, 2736, Nanjing 09 (rd 1), ½-½
08.10.09, Topalov-Radjabov, 2813, Nanjing 09 (rd 10), ½-½
22.11.09, Ezat-Radjabov, 2472, World Cup 09 (rd 1), 0-1
24.11.09, Sakaev-Radjabov, 2626, World Cup 09 (rd 2), 1-0

+3 -2 =6, average opposition: 2704

The 50 latest King’s Indians underline Radjabov’s tendency to score better results against stronger opposition. After February 18th 2006 he has played 30 King’s Indians against 2705+ opposition, going +10 -1 =19. In 20 games against players rated below 2705 he has scored +9 -4 =7.


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FIDE World Cup 2009 and the future

Posted by Stefan on December 25, 2009

As in previous starts the World Cup knockout was no success for Radjabov. After winning both games against Mohamed Ezat in the first round he got a very good position with black against Konstantin Sakaev, but overpressed and eventually lost. In the second game against the same opponent he reached a winning position in the endgame but missed the win in time trouble and was eliminated when the game was drawn. In the end the competition was won by Gelfand, a player Radjabov has had good results against recently, the latest decisive games being wins with black for the latter.

Radjabov’s next event will be the World Team Championship 2010, where he for the first time ever will play second board for Azerbaijan. Since his first start in national team events, the European Team Championship in 2001, when he was 14 year old, has he always played on the first board.

Invitation wise 2010 doesn’t look like a promising year. Radjabov shared first in Wijk aan Zee 2007 and was 0.5 from first the two following years, but this wasn’t enough to earn an invitation to the 2010 edition, and he misses out on Linares 2010 (as the Tal Memorial of 2009). Radjabov probably needs to reach a higher rating after a couple of comparatively weak events if he plans to return to elite tournaments.

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European Team Championship 2009

Posted by Stefan on October 31, 2009

Azerbaijan won the European Team Championship ahead of Russia and Ukraine after winning seven of their nine matches. On the first board Radjabov won with black against Adams and drew among others Aronian and Svidler. The final move of Adams-Radjabov was the latter’s 47. … Bxg2 in the position below (Kxg2 is followed by Re2+ and white is lost):


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Nanjing 2009

Posted by Stefan on October 8, 2009

Carlsen’s 3002 performance was what was remembered from the Pearl Spring tournament. Radjabov edged ahead of Leko on tiebreak after two losses and eight draws. The tournament was very strong, with an average rating of 2763. As usual Radjabov played well against Topalov, and was was winning with white but allowed the Bulgarian to escape. With black he was better in the endgame but never with serious winning chances and after 95 moves draw was agreed. After his only loss in January 2003 Radjabov has +1 -0 =13 against Topalov.

After 86. … Qg1 in Topalov-Radjabov white is in some trouble but Topalov found the best moves with little time on the clock and held the position:



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Bazna 2009

Posted by Stefan on June 25, 2009

Radjabov performed a stable 2750+ result and had a rather good event with some very well played games against strong opposition. He probably missed a win in Radjabov-Shirov. In the position below 25. d7 would have been much stronger than the played Bxb7 that allowed Rc4 and black was able to defend successfully against all the threats:



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