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TPR 2011

Posted by Stefan on October 8, 2011

Radjabov’s Elo performance in 2011:

Kazan 2785 (4 games)

Bazna 2726 (10 games)

World Team Championship 2806 (9 games)

World Cup 2873 (10 games)

European Club Cup 3019 (5 games)

In all, in 38 games, Radjabov has performed 2823 in 2011. The total score has this far been +13 -3 =22. Radjabov’s remaining event this year is the European Team Championships with nine rounds played in the beginning of November.

Elo performance in 2011 of the five highest rated players at the moment (October 8th, before round 8 in Bilbao):

Carlsen 2824

Radjabov 2823

Anand 2821

Aronian 2801

Kramnik 2794


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Radjabov vs Gelfand

Posted by Stefan on October 8, 2011

Radjabov’s stats against upcoming challenger Gelfand have always been good, especially so the last years. They played their first game against each other in 2001, when Radjabov was 14 years old, and the career total at the time of writing is +5 -1 =10. Counting from 2008 it’s +4 -0 =3 for Radjabov.

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European Club Cup 2011

Posted by Stefan on October 7, 2011

Radjabov was the best player on the first board with a 3019 performance, winning all his games except the short KID draw against Berkes. Adams-Radjabov was a Schliemann where Radjabov won an instructive endgame. Radjabov continued winning all his games with white and after Radjabov-Ponomariov he has won nine rated games in a row with white and reached 2781 and fifth place on the live rating list.

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