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Nanjing 2009

Posted by Stefan on October 8, 2009

Carlsen’s 3002 performance was what was remembered from the Pearl Spring tournament. Radjabov edged ahead of Leko on tiebreak after two losses and eight draws. The tournament was very strong, with an average rating of 2763. As usual Radjabov played well against Topalov, and was was winning with white but allowed the Bulgarian to escape. With black he was better in the endgame but never with serious winning chances and after 95 moves draw was agreed. After his only loss in January 2003 Radjabov has +1 -0 =13 against Topalov.

After 86. … Qg1 in Topalov-Radjabov white is in some trouble but Topalov found the best moves with little time on the clock and held the position:




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