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The King’s Indian Defense: +13 -3 =16 in 2007-08

Posted by Stefan on December 28, 2008

The King’s Indian Defense is what Radjabov is most famous for when it comes to openings. He has won dozens of games with it over the last years, for example against as strong players as Ivanchuk, Topalov, Aronian, Shirov, Gelfand (twice in 2008) and Ponomariov. He has also drawn his three games with the opening against Kramnik. In his starts in Corus A (2003, 2007 and 2008) Radjabov has in total 8 wins and 3 losses with black, all the wins coming with the King’s Indian Defense.

Kramnik-Radjabov (Corus 2007) after 23. … Bd7. Black has sacrificed a pawn and his possible threats include playing Rf6 and Rg8, placing bishops on for example f4 (via h6) and h3, and include the queen in the attack (the game was drawn):

Radjabov’s wins in 2007-08 with the King’s Indian Defense:

Shirov-Radjabov (Corus 2007)

Motylev-Radjabov (Corus 2007)

Navara-Radjabov (Corus 2007)

van Wely-Radjabov (Corus 2007)

Atalik-Radjabov (European Team Championship 2007)

van Wely-Radjabov (Biel 2007)

Eljanov-Radjabov (Corus 2008)

Gelfand-Radjabov (Corus 2008)

Aronian-Radjabov (Sofia 2008)

Gelfand-Radjabov (Sochi 2008)

Parker-Radjabov (Euro Club Cup 2008)

Sasikiran-Radjabov (Euro Club Cup 2008)

Eljanov-Radjabov (Elista 2008)

Radjabov has three losses with the King’s Indian in the same period, against Shirov, Wang Yue and van Wely. That makes his stats with the opening (from the black side) an impressive +13 -3 =16 in 2007-08, four of the draws coming against Kramnik and Ivanchuk. Several games are hybrids between different openings, and depending on the definition of a KID one could get a win or loss more over these years.

Comments (by GM Mikhalevski) on some of Radjabov’s KID games can be found at ChessPublishing.com.


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