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Against the top

Posted by Stefan on December 18, 2008

Radjabov has good results against top opposition. After July 2003 he is undefeated against the four strongest players of the last decade(s), Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik and Topalov, with a score of +3 -0 =23 in 26 games over the last 5½ years. Already before that, in February 2003, while still being 15 years old, he won with black against Kasparov in Linares. Also against Anand does Radjabov have a career plus, +2 -1 =8 in eleven games. Radjabov’s wins against these opponents:

Kasparov-Radjabov (Linares 2003)

Anand-Radjabov (Dortmund 2003)

Topalov-Radjabov (Linares 2006)

Radjabov-Anand (Corus 2008)


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