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Posted by Stefan on December 16, 2008

Radjabov first entered the top 50 in the world around his 16th birthday in 2003. On the FIDE rating list he was number 46 in April 2003 with an Elo rating of 2644. Three years later he had advanced to number 13 in the world, and since then he has always been higher than that on the world ranking, without ever reaching higher than 7th, this far. In October 2008 his Elo rating is 2752 and he is number 8 in the world, less than 40 points from first place. Live rating wise he finished year 2008 as 6th, less than a dozen points from third.

Radjabov’s yearly Elo performances have been quite stable over the last years, with

2757 in year 2006
2741 in year 2007
2762 in year 2008

Radjabov has been very active lately, something that usually makes it harder to perform great results compared to players that prepare more for every single event and are more selective when it comes to playing. In 2008 Radjabov played 107 rated games. For much more on the subject, see Stefan Fischl’s Chess Statistics.


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