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Bilbao 2008

Posted by Stefan on September 22, 2008

In the very strong Grand Slam Final Radjabov had a comparatively weak start, failing to win from a promising position against Ivanchuk, and losing in spite of having a clear advantage with black against Carlsen. He also went wrong in mutual time trouble in his second game against Ivanchuk. In the final round Radjabov turned around what seemed to be a totally lost position against Aronian, in the most amazing comeback of the event. On the whole a -1 result in 10 games is no catastrophe in these surroundings and Radjabov had a rating just over 2750, ranked 8th in the world, after the tournament.

Position after 44. … Qd3 in Aronian-Radjabov:

Some annotators meant that 45. Rbe1 was an easy win for white, missing among other things the line 45. Rbe1 Rxb3 46. Rxe8+ Kc7 47. Qh7+ Kb6 48. c5+ dxc5 49. Bxb3 and black is winning because of Rf2+ followed by Qf3. Aronian failed to find the line that could have secured him a draw and played the quickly losing 45. Reb2 with less than 20 minutes left for the rest of the game. The tournament used a scoring system where wins gave 3 points and draws 1, and Topalov won ahead of Carlsen and Aronian. Table with the traditional scoring system given below.

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