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Posted by Stefan on September 20, 2008

Radjabov has scored many wins after opening with 1. d4 over the latest years, some examples of wins with the Queen’s Gambit:

Radjabov-Svidler (Linares 2006)

Radjabov-Bacrot (Linares 2006)

Radjabov-Zvjaginsev (Russian Club Cup 2006)

Radjabov-Bruzon (Biel 2006)

Radjabov-Cheparinov (Sochi 2008)

Radjabov-Bu Xiangzhi (Sofia 2008)

Radjabov-Anand (Corus 2008)

After playing 1. e4 Radjabov has chosen the Scotch quite often lately, but without much success. All his six games with the opening have been drawn in 2008. The opposition has been strong though, Topalov and Aronian in four of the five games. Also earlier the Scotch has been rather drawish, in sixteen games with all time controls Radjabov has scored +1 -0 =15, the only win being

Radjabov-Karjakin (Dos Hermanas 2005)

Radjabov’s results on the white side of the Sicilian have been better, +14 counting from year 2004, even if most opponents have been comparatively weak, like Babula, Miton, Tiviakov, Avrukh, Grachev, Flores, Navara, Schlosser and Rowson. Some of the wins have come against quite strong opposition though:

Radjabov-Morozevich (European Team Championship 2006)

Radjabov-Shirov (Linares 2008)

Radjabov-Kamsky (Baku 2008)


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