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Najdorf Memorial 2001

Posted by Stefan on September 14, 2001

In a field with many young and old top players Radjabov did well to finish clearly ahead of among others Polgar and Short, with an undefeated +3 score. In Milos-Radjabov the final position looked like this after 38. … Rc3:

White is lost after 39. Qe1 Qd4+ 40. Kh1 Nd3 41. Nf3 Nxe1 42. Nxd4 Nd3 since both Nf2+ and exd4 are threatened and white will lose a piece (40. Kf1 would be followed by Re3 41. Qf2 Qd3+ 42. Kg1 Nh3+).

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