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Interesting finishes

Posted by Stefan on September 23, 1991

Radjabov-Cheparinov (Sochi 2008), before the winning 35. f3. White combines the unfortunate position of the black queen with an exchange sacrifice on b6 that clears the way for the a-pawn:

After 35. f3 Qh5 36. Rxb6 Qh1+ 37. Ng1 Rxd6 38. exd6 black can’t take the rook on b6 since the a-pawn will be unstoppable:

Gelfand-Radjabov (Sochi 2008) after 46. … Rb7. Black is threatening Qa8 followed by picking up a bishop and white fails to find the drawing line starting with 47. Rd5 (and resigns a couple of moves after 47. d7 Qc6):


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