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Posted by Stefan on March 12, 1987

Teimour Radjabov was born on March 12th, 1987, in Baku. Other great chessplayers to be born in the same city are Garry Kasparov, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Vugar Gashimov, Vladimir Akopian and Emil Sutovsky. Likenesses with Kasparov have been pointed out now and then, apart from coming from the same city they both go by other names than the ones their Jewish fathers were born with (Kim Weinstein and Boris Sheinen). They share sign in the Chinese 12-year-cycle zodiac, being born in the Year of the Rabbit. This has been a good sign for World Champions: Karpov (1951), Kasparov (1963), Kramnik (1975). When they were 12 years old both Kasparov and Radjabov won prestigious Under 18 tournaments, ahead of up to six years older opponents.

Radjabov won the European Under 18 Championship year 1999 and became the (then) youngest Grandmaster ever in 2001. A year later he reached the final of the Moscow Grand Prix rapid tournament where he lost against Kasparov after eliminating among others Ivanchuk and Svidler.

In 2003 Radjabov participated in many strong tournaments, beating several top players with black: Kasparov in Linares, Anand in Dortmund and Ponomariov in Corus. He ended up with even scores in the two latter events. In 2004 he reached the semifinal of the FIDE World Championship, and in 2005 he finished second in the European Championship. In 2006 he was second in Linares, ahead of Topalov on tiebreak, and shared first in Corus the next year. In 2008 he was second in Sochi’s Grand Prix event and shared third in Corus, even with Anand, but well ahead of Kramnik and Topalov. He also won the ACP World Rapid Cup in Odessa.


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